Michael Leonard,
aged 23

Killed 17 May 1973, by the RUC

Michael Leonard was a young man from Tievemore, Pettigo. He was a keen GAA man and a keen student of Irish music. He was a well known cattle dealer and highly respected by all sides of the community.

Michael Leonard was at a shop in Letter, near Belleek at about 5.00pm. An RUC patrol was also at the shop. An RUC constable noticed Michael and knew he had been disqualified from driving. When Michael went to get into his car the RUC say they shouted for him to stop. Michael drove on and the RUC landrover gave chase. Just before the border the RUC fired a shot which killed Michael Leonard.

  • Why did the not ram his car to get it to stop?
  • If they were going to shoot, why not shoot at the wheels of the car?
  • Why was he shot when his only crime was motoring offences?