Martin Love, aged 24

Killed 8th April 1985
Shot Dead by a British Soldier and a member of the UDR.

Martin Love was a 24 year old single man from Enniskillen. Martin was the youngest of a family of six. He had an interest in the GAA and played for Enniskillen Gaels. He also played pool. His main interest in life was the Mart in Enniskillen and helping farmers. He was spoilt as a child being the youngest and was described by his brother as 'a wee rascal' when growing up.

Martin Love was shot dead on his way home from The Fort Lodge Hotel in Enniskillen. The off-duty soldier came out of an entry and shot Martin in the head and back before running off. Both the soldier and the UDR man knew Martin personally. Both were sentenced to life for the murder. At no time in the trial was an issue made of the fact that both these men were in the employ of the Government to protect people and keep the peace.