Louis Leonard, aged 26

Killed 15th December 1972
Collusion with Security Forces

Louis Leonard was 26 years of age, a married man who had recently acquired a small butchers shop in the village of Derrylin. He and his wife Betty had a baby son Tony of just four months old. Louis had a keen interest in his local community, being the captain of his local football team St. Pat's of Donagh, and was an activist in the Civil Rights Association.

There is a strong suspicion that there was involvement by security forces, either directly or collusion.

  • Louis was threatened by security forces constantly before he was murdered.
  • The Leonard family were harassed and threatened by security forces after Louis was murdered.
  • Louis's wife Betty was stopped by an aggressive RUC patrol the night Louis was murdered, this was later denied by the RUC.
  • No attempt was made by the RUC to seal off the scene of the murder for some time.
  • The RUC did not act when Betty reported her husband missing.
  • The RUC did not carry out a thorough investigation into the murder.