Jim Murphy,  aged 40

Killed 20th April 1974,
Collusion with Security Forces

Jim Murphy was a 42 year old unmarried man who owned a garage in Corraveigha, Derrylin, Co. Fermanagh. He was a quiet, well-known and well respected man. He joined the Civil Rights Campaign in 1969 and then became one of the founder members of the Civil Resistance movement in Fermanagh. He also helped establish Concern.

There is a strong suspicion that there was involvement by security forces, either directly or collusion:-

  • Why did the British Army harass Jim so much before his murder?
  • Why did the RUC operate a road block for two hours on the day of the wake close to Jim's home?
  • Why did the RUC miss four bullets during their inspection of Jim's garage?
  • Why did the RUC blow up Jim's car, which was found in a ditch, using the excuse that it was booby-trapped?
  • Why was there a lack of investigation after the murder?