Angela D’Arcy, aged 24

Killed 25th November 1981 Shot Dead by a British Soldier.

Angela D'Arcy was a 24 year old girl who lived with her Mother and brother at Fairview Avenue, Enniskillen. She was the youngest of a family of five. She had worked in J.J.Foods until a month before her death. She was in the Red Cross and Apostolic Workers and was a very religious and virtuous woman.

Angela D'Arcy was visiting a friend on the night of 25th November 1981. She was standing at the door with her friend, who was holding a baby, when a man approached the two women, produced a gun and demanded money. When Angela refused he shot her in the head and she died almost immediately. The next day a British soldier was charged with murder.

At the trial the charge was reduced to manslaughter and the soldier sentenced to 7 years. The charge was reduced on medical evidence that the soldier was too drunk to be capable of making a rational judgement. No second opinion was sought. The D'Arcy family were very displeased and dissatisfied with the conduct of the case.