Andrew Murray, aged 24

Killed 23 October 1972 by
Security Forces

Andrew Murray was a 24 year old single man who lived at home with his mother. He had three sisters and two brothers. He was a quiet man who liked farming. He liked to socialise and have a drink with his friends.

Andy Murray was murdered along with Michael Naan at Newtownbutler by members of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. The murder was a particularly brutal one, with both men being stabbed many times. The murder was covered up by security forces and people were initially led to belive it was a feud between the two men. It was not by astute detective work that the case was solved, but because on of those involved walked in to a police station and told what he knew. Two members of the regiment were subsequently charged with murder, one with manslaughter and a fourth wit withholding information